Pesto a la Trapanese is a typical preparation of western Sicily, traditionally served with a fresh pasta called “busiate”, a version of very long strozzapreti pasta. The peculiarity of Trapani’s pesto, compared to the perhaps more famous Genoese pesto, is that it is based on almonds and fresh tomatoes. This fills it with a particularly summery flavour.

• 360g pasta
• 30 g fresh basil
• A handful of toasted almonds
• 190 g jar Salemi Pina Organic Pesto alla Trapanese
• 2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
• Cooking water from the pasta, to taste
• A pinch of salt
• Black pepper to taste
• Grated caciocavallo cheese

Directions (preparation: 10 min. cooking time: 10 min.)
Pour the content of the 190g jar of Salemipina Pesto alla Trapanese in a pan, add a sprinkle of black pepper and a few leaves of fresh basil.
Cook the pasta in plenty of salted water, drain it “al dente” keeping aside some of the cooking water, and transfer it to the pan together with the pesto. Sauté the pasta over high heat for a few minutes, adding the cooking water set aside previously.
Complete the dish with a drizzle of olive oil and the chopped almonds. Garnish with a few leaves of fresh basil and grated caciocavallo cheese.