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Salsa pronta di pomodorino Salemipina

Cherry tomato sauce

All the goodness of our products.

The ready-to-use Bio Salemipina organic cherry tomato sauce, our flagship product, is made with fresh seasonal ingredients, without the use of semi-finished products and with just the addition of extra virgin olive oil. The ingredients used are grown and processed at our farm, thus allowing us to be sure about the quality of the product and to have a short and traced supply chain.
Qualitatively, this is a product of excellence because it has no added sugar, thickeners, and dyes. It is Gluten free and Vegan certified.
It only needs to be heated for a few minutes to bring the genuineness of a special land in every dish


About Us

All the goodness of our products

Salemi Pina is has deep roots. In fact, the farm was established from the love of Pina for the land and the passion for genuine food. Today, the farm is a registered corporation that can meet, thanks to the support of a team of experts, the many market requests hailing from Italy and abroad.

Antonino Di Paola

Nancy Santo
Customer Care
& Manager

Pierpaolo Santo
Marketing and Communication Manager

Vincenzo Sanzaro
Quality, R&D and Export Manager

Pina Salemi
Company Founder

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